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An intelligent purpose-built solution for Company Secretaries

CoSecPRO is a unique and secure cloud-based platform that automates time-consuming administrative tasks and enhances the way you work. Access and manage all your documentation in the one portal and improve efficiency, consistency and compliance.

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CoSecPRO offers a number of integrated modules, allowing you to customise your experience to your needs. The CoSecPRO portal becomes your central and secure location for your governance documentation.

Demonstration displaying how to rearrange agenda topics using CoSecPRO portal
Module 1


Create and manage agendas and board papers easily and efficiently with automated agenda content management in one secure cloud-based location. Easily distribute to Board members for comments, review and sign off within the module.

Demonstration of CoSecPRO portal showing how minutes, agenda and board papers are edited
Module 2

Minutes and Action Items

Draft minutes are created automatically from the agenda content and board papers. These can be easily updated during a meeting in real time. Minutes are distributed electronically for comments and electronic signing by the chairperson. Action items can be created directly from the minutes.

Demonstration of CoSecPRO portal showing how board members can sign and approve documents online
Module 3

Circular Resolutions

Circular resolutions are created within the secure portal and automatically emailed to directors for electronic signing using our proprietary e‑sign solution.

Demonstration of CoSecPRO Placement Calculator
Module 4

Placement Calculator

The Placement Calculator gives you the power to quickly and accurately calculate 7.1 and 7.1A placement capacities using the automated registry data feed.

What Company Secretaries are saying

James Graham Executive Director, Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd

“The simplicity of placement calculations and being able to automate board reports and upload them into the board pack is an invaluable tool in our Corporate Governance and Board oversight.”

James Graham
Executive Director, Recce Pharmaceuticals Ltd

David Bonham CFO/COO IXUP Limited

“I can’t believe how efficient the CoSecPRO platform is. This unique solution is easy to use, fast, accurate and adds a level of compliance like never before.”

David Bonham

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Streamline Workflow

Secure collaboration between the Company Secretary and the Board for meeting preparation and circular resolution management.

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Secure Cloud-Based Portal

Easily manage single or multiple entities securely in the one cloud-based portal to improve accuracy and productivity.

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Automate the Way You Work

Intelligent, purpose-built features automate administrative tasks, streamline processes and enhance risk mitigation.

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Automic Registry and CoSecPRO integrate seamlessly to deliver real-time information, enabling you to operate effectively and efficiently.

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